Alt.Binz 0.2

A powerful newsreader, for downloading and managing articles from Usenet
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Alt.binz is a powerful binary newsreader, for downloading and managing articles from Usenet. Checking the downloaded files, auto unpausing missing PAR2 blocks, repairing, and finally unraring them, are just a few options in this utility.

Various usenet search engines fully supported, browsing groups, searching for files and importing them for download, has never been easier.


* Various usenet search engines fully supported.
- Containing NewsLeech, Binsearch,, NZBIndex, Yabse, Super Search and TvNZB.
* Auto PAR & RAR
- After downloading , alt.binz downloads the needed par2 files ( if nescesary ) and repairs the files and finally it will unrar the files for you.
* Full NZB file support.
- Allows you to import NZB files into alt.binz Download Queue
* Powerfull scheduler.
- Allows you to easily manage when to start your downloads, and with what speed.
* Full XPAT-server side search support.
* Multi-server support.
- Adding several news servers, gives you the option of downloading from multiple servers in the same session.
* Detailed log.
- Gives you a detailed overview of started and finished downloads
* Collapse / Expand batches of files.
- Allows you to collapse or expand batches of files you are downloading so you have a clear overview.
* Customizable user interface.
- Gives you the option to ex. add/remove tabs from the tab pane, or show/hide panels from the statusbar.
* Works on Linux !
- Yes, with WINE you are able to use alt.binz on a linux machine.
* Reliable resume, and "Autosave queue" function
- Whether you shutdown alt.binz manually, or due to a system crash, your downloads will always resume automatically, without any data loss!

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